Down Syndrome Superhero!

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A team is shown competing during the pilot episode of the TV series called the Tropical Adventure Competition. This episode featured Cameron Kindree, (2nd from left).who is the superhero of the team. Cameron used his Down Syndrome Superpowers to learn how to scuba dive and earn $3,000 for his pack of disabled scouts. This TV series is called The Tropical Adventure Competition is more than respite care, it is a celebration. 30 teams compete to provide the most exciting adventure possible while making the biggest changes in their superheroes quality of life. Come on in and find out how to rescue a superhero, volunteer or join our production crew.

All teams have the goal of using broadcasting revenue, advertising and marketing to generate revenue for their superhero and to pay for their expenses. This Tropical Adventure Competition is a small scale version of how major league sports uses competitions to generate revenue and employment.

30 Teams sail and compete for one week each to celebrate the rescue of their superhero! You can join this adventure as a family on vacation and be joined by a couple of competitors or compete as a team of skilled competitiors. You choose from standard competition categories such as rescue, boating, sailing, scuba or challenge others to compete in a category you create. You can design your own competition from anything you find on a tropical adventure such as ecology, animal rescue, serving gourmet sailing meals, dancing in nightclubs, shopping or how to sleep all day in the sun. Each team is featured in an episode of the TV series, “The Tropical Adventure Competition.”
This website will train and qualify you to compete in sailing, boating, scuba, rescue, vessel crew duties, and let you demonstrate your acting, video production, music, creative or managerial abilities. You can choose Red Cross, NAUI, sailing and USCG lessons to get you ready for your Tropical Adventure Competition.


This website is based on the true story and book  “The Ability Revolution.”  An aquatic center provides employment, housing, job training and a great quality of life for disabled populations.  Snorkeling, scuba, sailing and other adventure activities are marketed with a tropical adventure competition that creates a 30 episode TV series and a reason for people to train at the aquatic center.

Cameron goes on his first scuba dive in the British Virgin Islands!

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