Easy Instructions – 3 part website, choose your part

1. Salt Life Trivia – 3 minutes, register and play

Register, enter your location code and play with people that are in the same restaurant, city, lake, race or area. If you want a higher score, spend some time and visit Salt Life School so that your dingy can show up that tug boat captain.

2. Salt Life School – 5 minutes, register and begin classes

Scuba, sailing, safety, swimming, USCG boating, deep sea fishing and other classes do take more than 5 minutes to learn, but you can get started and begin classes in less than 5 minutes. Salt Life School helps you score higher in trivia and makes you a better competitor.

3. Tropical Adventure Competition – short & unknown

This section has two levels of participation. The first part is simple as you just register as a competitor or crew to see if you can be picked for a tryout. If you are picked for a team after the tryout, you will be one of the 200-300 competitors in the Tropical Adventure Competition and the TV Series made about it.

The competitor and crew positions are called “below the line” in Media Production as you do not need to consider the entire project or create, you just do your part. You only need to know what you are doing, this is why the time invested is short and it is called below the line.

Above the line positions understand the entire project so they can jointly create, develop and implement strategy. This includes the Team Leader, Team Manager, Team Owner and all above the line media production positions. These people must have complete knowledge of the whole project, to make strategic team decisions.

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