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All of our courses have three different price structures. Students, Competitors and Teams. Students are people not involved in competitions. They have a price that is higher than what competitors pay. Teams can set their own prices for classes and all of the revenue raised by education, sales, travel or events is used to fund their team in the competition.

Student Pricing Scuba

We offer scuba for at least 10% below any competitor within a 100 miles. We provide the same features except that we do not require students to purchase any equipment such as a mask, fins, snorkel. We do require students rent or provide their own wet suit (about $20/weekend) for dives. Students also pay for their own air fills (about $5 a fill) for their open water dives. Typically Divers Supply in Atlanta has the lowest prices for scuba instruction. You can find their latest price structure and conditions at

Global referral by Divers Supply is listed at 249.95 our price is $200 and includes the same features except we certify NAUI

Open Water Scuba is listed is usually listed at divers supply for 499.95 our price is $425 and includes the same features except we certify NAUI and do not require you to purchase equipment.

A list and description of the NAUI courses we teach

Competitor Pricing Scuba

To qualify for the competitor price for scuba you will have to complete the full competitor registration which includes a physical from an M.D. and a safety evaluation before being accepted as a competitor. Your price for scuba training is 50% of the student price.

Sailing, Boating & USCG Training (all instruction is focused on learning how to sail large ocean catamarans)

We are on a wait list for the general public to buy instruction as a student. We offer free sailing or boating instruction to people involved in the Tropical Adventure Competition. Free instruction for the competition is under the condition that you assist or teach one beginning sailing course and volunteer for 12 hours for cleaning maintenance or other duties. For every hour of recreational use of the sailboat after your course you volunteer for two hours. Competitors pay for any expenses they incur such as gas, oil, propane, cleaning or activity related expenses. Competitors must join a team or have a solid plan to compete. A typical sailing course operated by other organizations is 3 days and $500. Our basic sailing course is listed here You develop freshwater experience to prepare you for your ocean classes. Your team is responsible for advancing your skill beyond this level so that you can compete in ocean sailing.

Red Cross Swimming, Lifeguarding, FA & CPR

Swimming – 1/2 hour private $25, 1/2 hour two people $40

FA or CPR $45

Lifeguarding $200

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