Choose Your Destiny

Truth – Sailors

Skullduggery – Pirates

Rank Sailors (Enlisted) Pirates (pressed into service)
E1 Seaman Recruit Barnacle
E2 Seaman Apprentice Ballast
E3 Seaman Cabin Boy
E4 Petty Officer Third Class Powder Monkey
E5 Petty Officer Second Class Carpenter
E6 Petty Officer First Class Gunner
E7 Chief Petty Officer Bos’n
E8 Senior Chief Petty Officer Senior Bos’n
E9 Master Chief Petty Officer Chief Bos’n
E9 Master Chief Petty Officer of the Sailors Master Bos’n
Rank Sailors (Officers) Pirates (successful mutineers)
O1 Ensign Sea Artist
O2 Lieutenant Junior Grade Pilot
O3 Lieutenant Surgeon
04 Lieutenant Commander Quartermaster
O5 Commander Flogger
O6 Captain Skipper
O7 Rear Admiral – Lower Galley Slave
O8 Rear Admiral – Upper Galley Wench
O9 Vice Admiral Spirit of the Ship
O10 Admiral Cap’n
O11 Fleet Admiral Booty Master

Hints can take 10% of your value or more. Hints will give you no warning of the type or amount of value you could lose.

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