Rules of Navigation

Under 20m may use a combined lantern on the centerline

Towing is 135 over sternlight

Flashing is 2x second (120 m) on hover or hydrofoil is yellow

Over (50m) 165 is higher an aft and is a range light, optional less than 50m

Less than 12m may all around white

7/7 7m 7hp flashlight

Towing on the hip or pushing or astern  carry a second mast light on the same mast (two lights on the mast towing, yellow is hawser towing

Hawser less than 200m is a short tow,

Over 200m third masthead light(measured stern to stern of tow)

Longtow black diamond on towboat, also on towed vessel no dayshape short tow

A pushed vessel has no sternlight sidelights and stern all other vessels being towed

Sailboats underway sidelights and sternlight

Sailboats with sails up engine going exhibits a black cone pointing down (12m+ inland must)

Trawling not trolling 360 green over white – after masthead 50m+ light, when not moving running lights turned off, dayshape tweo cones point to point

Fishing 360 red over white, dayshape same two cones point to point, nets more than 150m cone point up on that side and white light that direction, if fishing and anchored no anchor light,

NUC two red 360, running lights if running, no masthead lights, 2 black balls

RAM Red White Red – Ball diamond ball

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