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When you register at one site, you get access to all three.

Salt Life Trivia and Salt Life School are based on USCG exams for seamanship, licensing, boating and sailing, NAUI & PADI scuba diving up to the instructor level, RED CROSS lifeguarding, CPR, FA & more.  We teach these courses online, at the pool and in the open water by sailing and diving the high seas.

With your access to Salt Lift Trivia you play for free with a code or pay $10 without the code.  You can advance on the leaderboard with points.  You are a sailor with the rank of E1 and you can advance in rank.  Sailors have 9 enlisted ranks and 11 officer ranks. (E1-E9, O1-O11) Skill demonstrations are needed to advance for each enlisted rank.  Licences, certifications and other requirements are needed to advance in officer rank.

As an example, here are the skills needed to advance to E2:

Tie a bowline in 20 seconds or less, a figure 8 in 15 seconds or less and a round turn and 2 half hitches in 20 seconds or less and describe the functions of each knot or hitch.

You provide a video link completing the E2 skills and post it to your profile to qualify.  When you are an E2 you will be told how to qualify for E3 and so on up the ladder. All other skills may be checked by a leader or posted by video. To start as an O1 officer, you must provide at least one current certification.  It can be in CPR, lifeguarding, sailing, safe boating, scuba or an approved specialty area.  Licenses such as paramedic, nurse, physician or degrees may qualify you for higher officer ratings.  Experience as a mechanic, musician, policeman, chef, soldier, photographer, firefighter or media specialist may qualify you for other levels of officer.  These are all crew or technical positions that help with your team producing one episode of the TV series called The Tropical Adventure Competition.

Be Warned!  There are Pirates ahead!

You have to be of drinking age in the country that you are in to enter the Pirate Dive Bar.

Cussing, betting, bribing, cheating, catfishing tournaments and a drinking game called “my bikini shot,”  is why you should create at least one, if not two or three fake profiles to play. Besides stealing all your dubloons, you will be made a fool of, put into irons, forced into slavery, or be tied to the mast and lashed unless you bribe the bootymaster to reverse your fortune, mutiny the ship and give those scurvy dogs what they deserve.  You may be forced into cosplay slavery and be given a name such as bootlicker, galley wench,  whipper, lasher or cabin boy or others and play that role convincingly to gain your freedom or be thrown over the side to the sharks.

The Pirate Dive Bar is the adult section of, &  The Pirate Dive Bar supports but is not a part of the entrepreneurial competition described at The Tropical Adventure Competition. Only “G” rated businesses can be part of the entrepreneurial competition and TV series. With the first cuss word uttered, this business would be disqualified.

The Pirate Dive Bar is an example of a business created outside of the “G” rated competition and TV series that can support a business competing inside the series to support disabled populations.  The Pirate Dive Bar, or enterprises that anyone creates in here can support any entreprenurial business competition entry if you are registered as a competitor. If you arrrr savvy enough in here, you can secure passage as a crew member on one of the 30 teams competing on large catamarans in the Tropical Adventure Competition.

If you are registered as a competitor at the Tropical Adventure Competition you can post links to your own business, profile, photos, videos or stories in here as a method to gain dubloons, catfish players or associate with deplorables to achieve your entrepreneurial goals in the competition.

 There are two reasons for having a separate adult section for the Tropical Adventure Competition.

  1. The first is to ensure that the three sailor sites Tropical Adventure Competition, Salt life Trivia and Salt Life School stay G rated and remain in a learning environment suitable for families.
  2. The second is to ensure that the Pirate activities found in the Pirate Dive Bar, stay ARRR rated.

In the Pirate Dive Bar it is mandatory that Pirates use the 7 words that the late comedian, George Carlin says you can not say on TV, at least one per sentence.  Real Pirates use all 7 in every sentence.  Drunken pirates will make fools of themselves and others and this needs to stay onboard our ships of fools.  Different ships have different kinds of fools on them, and you need to pass initiation to get onto each of the 9 different ships of fools.

Swabs have an enlisted rank from S1 to S9 (Swab 1 to Swab 9) and also a Pirate role of P1 to P11 (Pirate 1 to Pirate 11).  Your enlisted (Swab) rank tells you which ship of fools you are on, your Pirate role tells you what characters you can play or be forced to play, on that ship.

Since all pirates lie, you will not know if the pirates called Bootlicker, Cabin Boy, Galley Slave, Whipper, Lasher and others want to play that Pirate role or arrrr forced to play that Pirate role for losing a bet, dare, bribe or arrrr the victim of extortion.  The Bootymaster will decide the fate of all so don’t insult her with a cheap bribe. 

You start at the dock (site registration) and then when you complete the initiation and age verification you can board S1.  When you are on S1 you will be told what the initiation is to board S2 and so on up to S9.  Swab ranks advance sequentially.  Pirate roles advance mysteriously. You can bribe your way to any Pirate officer role or have that officer role reduced.  You can win Pirate officer roles by cheating on games or dares you bet on or lose it by breaking rules you were never told about. Once onboard S1 you will be given the role of P1. Your role does not advance until the Bootymaster says it does.  You can advance to S9 and still be a P1.

Dubloons are the only currency you can use aboard pirate ships to bet, bribe, steal or cheat with and they are our game piece.  You buy dubloons by giving the bootymaster a cash gift.  There is no exchange rate, it is variable depending on what kind of scum the bootymaster thinks you are.  You earn or lose dubloons with bets, bribes, and dares and you can even bet on not being cheated. You will have rigged contests and bribed referees or judges and you will lose most bets, but next time you will win for sure. We promise. Trust us. Would we lie to you, again?

Gold dubloons!  You beg, borrow, cheat, steal, bribe, loanshark, corner the market, extort, earn or buy gold dubloons.  Sometimes you are given dubloons and sometimes they just disappear.  They have no value whatsoever and are not redeemable for real gold or value.  This is called a fiat currency.  BTW, the USA dollar has been a fiat currency since June 5, 1933 and owned by a central bank since Dec. 23, 1911.  The Central Bank at the Pirate Dive Bar is called the Bootymaster.  You may learn a lot about bribing politicians and manipulating the USA dollar in here.  

The Pirate Dive Bar has online, live play and a mixture of both.  Dubloons transfer from your online score into metal pirate coins at the beginning of live play and then back into your online score at the end of live play when you turn the coins back in. 

Online Play

When your online dubloons change, your score flashes in the top right corner of your page.  You can also see your score in your profile.  While you are offline, people may have transferred dubloons into your account, you will see all online transactions flash on your screen when you login and then anytime in your profile on your log.

The value of dubloons always changes.  Your goal is to change that value to your advantage. You do this by trading dubloons for something tangible or imaginary to make them more or less in demand.  You complete transactions before or after the conditions are met and either cheat right away or lead other pirates on to trust you. By being honest for awhile you can cheat them later for even bigger transactions.  This is called catfishing, and there is a tournament for it.  To catfish, you should have at least one real and one or more fake profiles to catch really big fish.  For example, you may create fake profiles that make an auction go higher and higher when in reality there is only one person bidding and you are catfishing them to bid (or bet) against fake players to lose even more dubloons.

Every profile that you have has a log of transactions found on your profile.  This is your credit history.  If you trash a profile you can trash that credit history and start new.  If you keep one profile with a great credit history, you can use that to hook the big one during catfishing tournaments.  You can make transaction comments about other players and polish or trash their reputations online and be bribed to change your comments.  You don’t know for sure how true any reputation or credit score is.

You earn dubloons online by viewing or creating posts and videos and your score flashes and updates when you do.  You also bet, dare, cheat and do anything else to get somebody to transfer dubloons to you. 

You can also buy dubloons.  The exchange rate varies on a whim.  You might buy 4 dubloons for a dollar, and the next person might buy 10 dubloons for a dollar.  You can bribe the central bank (called the bootymaster) and set your own exchange rate.  If you bribe too low, the bootymaster may take all your dubloons,  fine you, have the whipper tie you to the mast for lashes, take away your rank and put you into slavery to play the character called the bootlicker. (just one of the licker series of characters) The right bribe may let you tie the whipper to the mast and lash them while your rank, dubloons and your control over slaves suddenly changes. The whipper keeps busy on higher ranked ships of fools.

The Bootymaster is still more honest than a regular bank because your transactions occur right away and not held overnight or until the next business day to steal interest on them.  For one person the interest lost seems insignificant, but for a lot of money held collectively, it is huge.

Live Play

Pirates with dubloons in their online accounts can exchange any amount into metal pirate coins during live play.  You can buy metal dubloons at a live event and can play without an online account.  At the end of live play, coins can be transferred back to dubloons.  Anyone can be a bootymaster and host their own live or online party by transferring dubloons in and out of their account and telling people they are in charge.  You could have a party full of bootymasters, that is until the real one shows up and throws everyone in irons until the mast is free for the next whipping.

A random cash deposit is put on metal coins before they are given out during live play. Any coins you return at the end of the live event, are turned into dubloons at a random exchange rate decided on by the bootymaster. You can keep coins until the next live play as their value may change.  The amount of your returned deposit is under no conditions whatsoever and that includes who it is given to and how much they got.

During online and live play, you may be able to catfish online players with live video or pictures to get dubloons by simple transfer or auction. You can then exchange these online dubloons for live play coins and keep playing.  You should scheme with other pirates, live and online to create scams.

You might be able to exchange metal coins for a half eaten chicken wing, $5, part of a beer or 1,000 dubloons at a live event.  Creating value out of nothing is the easiest way to fill your treasure chest.

During live play you should be able to easily catfish dubloons from online players.  You may have the contest completely rigged, or simply cheat and lie about it.

You can put up a dare such as “I dare you 10 dubloons to call out “Ahoy Matees!”, but you do this after you bet somebody else 20 dubloons that you can point to that person and they will yell out “Ahoy Matees.  The person that you dared, and that you already schemed with and paid, may have changed their mind and then ignored you, forgot or is betting against you.  They might have also been bribed to remain quiet by somebody else who heard the scam and is betting against that person yelling out.

Making the transaction before the event is the key to pillaging.  Making the transaction after the event is the key to catfishing.

If you can figure out how to sell dubloons for real cash, you will be considered to be a top catfisher in any tournament! 

Catfishing and sharking other players by creating fake online identities and telling whatever lies it takes to win, is encouraged.

The catfishers will chum the waters so that the real sharks can move in. If you do not know what catfishing is, that is too bad CHUM.

Here is hint.  From the secret pirate chat room at S5, you see that the Bootymaster will be giving out a punishment.  (somebody broke a rule they were never told about and that rule changed 3 times) You offer to take the place of the offender for some dubloons or even bribe the bootymaster to make the punishment worse for somebody not connected to the event or extort or coerce the bootymaster so you can give out the punishment yourself. You might be fined, reduced in rank or put into slavery for being too gentle on the offender or not bribing the bootymaster enough.  But richly rewarded if you bribe the right amount.

Another hint.  You learn a bar trick from an online video.  You ask people to place their bets on you being able to do it.  Dubloons are exchanged.  After a review of the play the bootymaster cries fowl and all the people playing must eat wings, have a chicken bone in front of them, or be fined some dubloons. What the bets were before the wings doesn’t matter, the bootymaster may give you a cut of the winnings or fine you for not making enough profit.

Pirate scheming occurs in secret online rooms, during live play you have to scheme the best you can.  If you don’t see any pirate activity online or hear of any during live play, chances are you are the target and people are scheming behind your back.  During online and live play, you should use the chat function on the app to plan mutinies in secret. You might not encounter any pirates in the lower Swab ranks as most advance through their initiations to the unusual ships where catfishing tournaments and the “my bikini shot” games are played.

Some enlisted ranks and levels of play require that you create and submit bets, bribes and dares.  Some officer ranks require scripted, unscripted and (LARP) roll play. All transactions to obtain or lose anything are taxed by the bootymaster.  The bootymaster can not count and isn’t sure if simple math skills are real or if she is being lied to again.

When you have been cheated out of all your dubloons and ready to quit, other pirates will create reasons for you to give another cash gift to the bootymaster and get more dubloons.  This time it is at a special rate not like the last time when you were price gouged.

Today it is $5 to create a profile. You start with 500 dubloons, the great deal you get, TODAY ONLY! Act now! Trust Us! What a deal!

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