“To qualify for the competition each team must submit a picture of their hero receiving a symbolic check.”


Superhero – In most episodes this will be a person with special needs.  A few episodes may have charitable, artistic, wildlife, sports, scientific or other causes that they support and one episode can contain a comical event as their superhero.

Team Leader  – A person who speaks on behalf of the superhero and has demonstrated the ability to produce content for an episode.  An example would be a parent who has made a plan to turn their hero into a superhero.

Executive Producer – A person who manages all aspects of the production for episode that reports to the Team Leader.

Team – Teams have no limit in size but only 10 people can be on the Vessel.

Adventure Crew – The people the leader chooses to be on the boat during The Tropical Adventure Competition.  During the first season 2 spots are reserved for the vessel crew and two spots are reserved for the production crew.

Adventure Support Team – During the Tropical Adventure Competition the Adventure Crew can interact with other team members who have traveled to the Tropical Adventure Location to help their team compete.

Production Team – Two people on the Adventure Crew are dedicated to capturing video and sound for the Adventure Team.

Crew Registration – Anyone can fill out a crew registration in the hopes of being chosen for a team.

Team Registration – The Team Leader submits a qualified adventure crew,  a storyline about their superhero and either the qualifications of their production crew or their Executive Producer.

Competitor Qualification –  Each Adventure Team Member completes a registration packet including a medical form and waivers and some competitors complete fitness and skills tests for their specialty.

Episode Production Plan – The Executive Producer provides a reasonable strategy for the success of the episode.

Symbolic Check – This can be the typical oversized check, words scribbled on a T-shirt, icing on a cake or any picture to show your team raised Par for your superhero.

Team Qualification – When this is completed the Teams get a time stamp.  The first 30 teams compete and choose their competition week according to their time stamp.

  • A picture of a symbolic check for the Par amount
  • A picture of a qualified Adventure Team
  • An episode production plan


Achieve great results for your hero. This has the greatest overall effect as this is how you win the competition.

Create the best episode you can.  Teams share in broadcast revenue.

Find talented and dedicated people. Involve people from all over the internet who can help the Adventure Team on the boat.

Know when to keep it simple. Each team member could buy a small amount of services and products from their hero’s business. You can get a score under par without spending a lot of extra time in business development.

Use tax advantages. Each person should invest an amount in their own company equal to their airfare, expenses and hero funds.  The company then buys the airline tickets, covers expenses and shareholders take the loss on their personal taxes so that your airfare, food, training, accommodations, equipment and other expenses are written off on your taxes.  It only seems like you are on vacation sailing and scuba diving around in the tropics. That is your work environment no matter how much you tan and those are your work expenses! There are many tax strategies, do not overlook them.

Use multiple revenue streams. If you have people on your team that can video, edit, act and produce your episode, have them also produce commercials for sponsors you find.  Teach swimming, safety, scuba, sailing, gourmet meals for sailing, boating safety, canoeing, fishing, paddle boarding or celestial navigation.  Do anything fun such as having pirate themed pool parties.   Create a simple business such as landscaping, washing cars or dog walking.  Each business idea leads to other opportunities.

Sell out. As this series starts, the broadcast revenue and the ability to attract sponsors will keep getting better.  Do a little research on what a mildly successful web series can earn and divide that out into what one episode can earn and what your percentage of ownership is.  Team members selling out is an easy way to raise money for the superhero.

Include comedy, history, science, ecology, environment, art, music and more in your episode.   You can shoot very simply by using the script outline found in our book or you could really create something special.  Viewers will not know what to expect each week, having surprises thrown in is one way for all of us to be successful.

Be part of the league.  You are competing with all the other teams for your own superheroes.  You should help all the other teams as much as you can.

Incorporate your products or services in your episode. The symbolic check shows you can save your hero, now use your episode to really sell it!  Include logos, dialogue, commercials, product placement and more.

Rising waters float all ships.

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