Competition Update

The Liberty has a lot of great features and room.

Bunks 1 & 2 are for the Licensed Captain and Mate that oversee the operation and safety but do not compete. They only respond when needed, the crew operates the boat.

Liberty 50'
We shot the pilot on the Liberty. We may use a similar boat for the competition.

There are 5 crew positions that compete. Team Leader, medic, sailor, diver & photographer. You may compete in more than one crew position and in user designated specialties such as gourmet cooking, tanning, shopping, ecology. Each of the 5 competitors choose if they will bunk single or with an assistant.

Complete Teams Formed0
Teams Forming30
Teams Wait Listed0
Crew PositionsFilledOpen
Team Leader030
All Passengers and Singles are wait listed unless chosen by a competitor as an assistant or by a Team Leader.
Possible passenger or single crew member spots150
Passengers and single crew members on a wait list0
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